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“How are you feeling?”

“Fine. How are you?”

Strange though it may sound, the above exchange, played out millions of times a day in various languages all over the world, is one of the main causes of poor acting. It’s true. The habitual description of our emotional state as “fine” gets us in the habit of ignoring how we feel, adapting our emotional expression to fit societal norms and losing a connection with our truth and with others.

If we are being truthful we’re never fine. Ever. We’re happy, sad, angry, irritated, nervous, anxious, excited, among other feelings. Yet we’re told at a very early age that expressing those feelings is unacceptable. So, we hide them. We push them away. We respond with a “good, you?” or “not bad”, which, while fulfilling some forced language of “civilized” society”, often has nothing to do with how we actually feel.

As it relates to acting, its very difficult to have a truthful emotional experience on stage or in front of a camera when we are so deep in the habit of hiding or disconnecting from our truthful feelings and our active point of view.

Acting The Truth acting classes, coaching and workshops with Steve Braun reintroduce you to your unique voice within the world of a play. Meisner-based exercises and cold reading scenes clean out your emotional pipes and force you to make strong personal choices in the world of your play.

Ongoing, weekly Acting The Truth classes Tuesday and Wednesday nights are more like going to the gym than to a theatre school. Acting The Truth audition coaching weaves all your truthful feelings about the audition, the casting director, the project, etc into the world of the play. Acting The Truth workshops bring the spirit of Steve’s weekly LA classes to cities around the world.

Visit www.actingthetruth.com today to find out how to audit a class for free.

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