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Why You Should Watch the New 2011 Pilots

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It’s that time again folks. The 2011 pilots are premiering, and it’s your chance to see what the new flavors are. If you booked something – congratulations. If not – then maybe there’s a guest star on one of these shows in your future. What is important is to keep up with what’s going on, and make a few mental notes.

Those TV pilots that we were all consumed with from February through April are blossoming into first episodes before our very eyes (can I please have a tissue?). If you kept your ear to the ground during those intense winter/spring months when pilot season is in full swing, you may have a bout of mild (or obsessive) curiosity as to how these shows turned out.

I, for one, believe it’s important as an actor to have a complete understanding of the TV climate – how it’s changed – stayed the same – and all of the above. To be true competitors in this fierce industry, we cannot just be artists, we must also be shrewd business people.

Finding out “who got what” (part) is actually fascinating if you can put your ego in check for a minute. This year, as has seemed to be the trend for the past few pilot seasons, big names have taken the leads in many of the new shows. Christine Ricci (PAN AM), Time Allen (Last Man Standing), Kerry Washington (Scandal), Kristen Chenoweth (Good Christian Belles) to name a few. And then, there are the less known actors who’ve been in lots of shows but have yet to become household names… like Kristen Ritter (Apartment 23), or Bruce Greenwood (The River). And then, there are the breakthroughs. The ones who will be new faces on our TV screens and will give us hope for next pilot season. They prove that it is possible to book… it really is. To me, these are some of the most exciting people to watch. What did they do that proved they were worthy of a network’s trust?

Another reason to watch the new shows is so you can see the trends. Whereas the last few years vampires have been taking over, this year the shift has been made, if only slightly, to witches (The Secret Circle) and dark secrets (Revenge). Comedy seems to have some edge to it now with Work It and 2 Broke Girls.

The show I guess I’m the most excited for this year is Apartment 23. This is partly because I love a quirky comedy, but mainly because Kristen Ritter kind of blew me away as Jesse Pinkman’s drug addicted girlfriend in Breaking Bad. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with this delightfully bizarre pilot season 2011 new role.

So my two cents would be to pay attention to what’s happening out there. Getting a feel for what’s current is only going to help know where you fit in in the current TV world. Good luck!!